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Studying abroad can be an expensive affair, but thankfully, IRELAND is one destination where quality education is available at tuition rates lower than many other countries. Since the duration of graduation courses is mostly 12 months unlike the 16-24 months’ duration of programs in other countries. So, as a student from India, it makes for a very desirable place to study at, with innumerable growth opportunities.


For each course, a minimum academic score of 60% and above in Standard XII is required. Foundations and Diploma programmes are available for students who have secured around 50%. The student should have completed 18 years of age before joining a degree program. It is important to remember that even though entry requirement is lower at Irish universities, the education standard is not. Hence, you should carefully enhance your ability to cope with the high standard of education through the course of next few years beforehand.

Living in IRELAND

You need to keep a little money aside for your grocery shopping, social activities, and emergencies. When living in a foreign country as a student, it is better to keep track of your expenditures so that you do not overspend. As an international student, the monthly living cost that you are likely to incur will be approx. Apart from living, mentioned are the daily life amenities required for living per month: -
Accommodation price range – 1,500 USD
Food Expenditure range – 2,500 USD
Transportation (students pass) – 18 USD
Other utilities – 300 USD

Courses in IRELAND

Ireland is one of the wealthiest countries in the OECD (Organization for economic co-operation and development). It has became a perfect study destination among international students who want to study abroad. Ireland provides lots of employment opportunities, amazing food and culture and a warm welcome wherever you go by the people in Ireland. One of the best education systems in Europe is in Ireland. In many disciplines, Irish higher education institutes have proved its excellence. Study in Ireland is thus highly appreciated as it is an international location for high quality scientific research. As Ireland is an English speaking country, students from all over the world prefer to study in Ireland.

Work Opportunity in IRELAND

Ireland has recently introduced a new scheme for the students “Third Level Graduate Scheme” as per the scheme, after completing their higher education, international students in Ireland can stay for 24 months. So Jobs in Ireland for the International students have increased considerably in the last few years. The unemployment rate in Ireland is close to 5% only, reflecting the job opportunity for Indian students after graduation. Competition for skilled jobs is fierce and your chances of securing work will increase with relevant work experience and qualifications. In general, work will be easier to come by in major towns and cities such as Cork, Dublin and Galway. While the capital city of Dublin is known to be relatively expensive, the cost of living is cheaper than other major European cities such as Copenhagen, London, Paris and Zurich.

Institutes In IRELAND