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The UK is a world leader in many areas of education including engineering, science, art and design, business and management, law and finance. The UK’s reputation and legacy as a world centre for scientific research makes it a magnet for some of the very best thinkers in the world. With only one per cent of the world’s population, the UK is responsible for eight per cent of global scientific publications.


Are you planning to study in one of the best countries in the world? If yes then stop wondering about the list of requirements to study in the UK and keep reading because, in this blog, we will cover all the essential exams, documents and qualifications you need to fulfil your dream of studying abroad!

  • English Language Proficiency Tests
  • Entry Requirements to Study in UK: Undergraduate Level
  • Entry Requirements to Study in UK: Postgraduates
  • Entry Requirements for PhD scholars in UK
  • Entry Requirements to Study in UK: Vocational Course
  • Offer Letter for UK
  • CAS Letter
  • Universities Issuing CAS Letters in 1000 Pounds

  • Living in UK

    The United Kingdom is home to some of the world’s most historic universities such as the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, and the London School of Economics and Political Science. A sizeable portion of students that enter these universities every year come from across the world with hopes to realize their dream career in the beaming cities of UK like London, Dublin, Glasgow, and Edinburgh. These cities have the world’s top-notch universities but the cost of studying and living cost in UK for international students is high.

    Courses in UK

    The UK is home to some of the world’s top universities, which attract thousands of students and researchers every year, including many from India. It is also the world leader in many areas of education including engineering, science, art & design, business & management, law and finance.

    Work Opportunity in UK

    What if we told you that you can support your living in the UK as an international student by working part-time! Not only this, working alongside your studies is a great way to gain work experience in your field of study. Students holding a Tier 4 (general) or a Tier 4 (child) visa can work up to 20 hours a week during their studies and full-time during holidays vacations if they: are studying at a publicly-funded higher education institution are studying a short-term study abroad program with an overseas higher education institution are over 16 are studying a course at NQF level 6 (degree level) and above It is important to note that you must not breach your immigration conditions as it is against the law in the UK. You cannot work if your passport sticker or identity card says ‘No Work’ or ‘Work Prohibited’. Breaching the law in the UK can have disastrous consequences including deportation.

    Some Top Universities in the UK